Pamela Diane Thompson

Pamela Diane Thompson

Executive Vice President Five Rings Financial Okc
1000 W Wilshire Blvd Ste 220
Oklahoma City OK 73116

Raised on a small farm in Arkansas, I grew up with parents who loved us unconditionally and taught how to work hard and love people. We had what we needed and some of what we wanted, and we knew how to work hard. My parents, ages 72 and 76, are still alive today, still educating in church and I love them dearly!

I am deeply passionate about education and helping others understand how numbers work. Maybe you already get how numbers work but you need a hand making sure the numbers are working for you. I am here to help you verbalize and clarify goals and then plan out small consistent changes that can be made to your current finances so you can meet those goals.

I’ve been at Five Rings Financial since 2018 and have seen numerous individuals and families experience financial freedom and growth in my time here. No matter what your current bank statement is, we can work together to make sure you understand where your money is going and that you feel in control of how it is being used to fund your daily life and your future.

Previously divorced and a single mother, I have personally had to learn how to maximize finances and protect my assets and investments from loss. I care deeply about relationships and the learning experience with everyone who steps into my office. Let’s start a conversation about what your life and retirement goals are and how to reach them.

I work hard and aim to enjoy every day of life- whether playing with my grandkids, hunting, or enjoying quality time spent with my husband and family. I am here to make sure your hard work pays off and you can enjoy your life as well- however you see fit.

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